Lizzie 22months

Lizzie WB Finish un der Vincent Chianese

Lizzie BOW

Lizzie BOW

Lizzie BOW

Lizzie St Charles in Ring

Lizzie in Ring St Charles

Vern BOW and Lizzie WB 3 pt Major to finish under Vincent Chianese

Lizzie Side Movment Furturity 2019

Lizzie Free Stacking at the Natioanl Ocer Front

Lizzie WB under Audry Lycan

Lizzie WB under Sharon Redmer

Lizzie Fast CatLizzie Fast CatLizzie Fast CatLizzie Fast CatLizzie Fast Cat

Lizzie at Purina in the ring

Lizzie and Reese on the fireplace

Lizzie at the water bowl!

Lizzie Int Ch Puppy

Lizzie RBIS Puppy

Portia and Lizzie Int Ch

Lizzie 4m

Lizzie 4m

Lizzie 4m

Lizzie 4m

Lizzie 10weeks

Lizzie 10weeks

Lizzie 8weeks

Lizzie 8weeks

Am Int Ch Danemark N Magazu Her Majesty The Queen BCAT

"Elizabeth ( Lizzie Lou)"

AmInt GCh Danemark's Sergent At Arms X Am Ch Danemark N Daynakins Fannie May

At the Lake St Louis shows at Purina beginning of January Lizzie goes WB for her last major to finish her CH and makes champion number 3 for us this year and champion number 8 for her father and number 5 for her mother! Her 1/2 sister Dauphine finished today also in Chicago. And her 1/2 brother Vern got WD BOW with Lizzie and got his first major!

Next Lizzie went to Wisconsin and played Fast Cat and came home with a title of BCAT!!

Lizzie went to Chicago for the Christmas shows and won WB under John Wade for a second major. Now she just needs a major under another judge to finish.

Lizzie went to Springfield Mo and got WB BOW and picked up 2 more singles under Chuck Trotter!! She now has a total of 10 points with 1 major.

Lizzie went to Bloomington Ill and got WB BOW and picked up 3 more singles under Albert Bianchi, Debra Thornton and Robert Vandiver!!

Lizzie then went to Frankling TEnn and picked up her first 3 pt major under John Wade!!

Lizzie also ran her first CAT in Des Moaines and came home with a leg towards her title!

Lizzie's went to the Desw Maoines specialties and came home with 2 major reserves her first time hitting the major ring. First on under Nancy Rigeway and 2nd under Laura Munro. Taking reserve tyo our beautiful Jaalah who finished!

Lizzie's first time in the BIG GIRL ring she got WB her first two times in the BBE class for her first two points under Audrey Lycan and Sharon Redmer!

Lizzie's first time in the ring was at 4 months old in Franklin Tenn. She showed at a puppy match and she was the best 4-6 month old puppy in show!

FLASH!!! Lizzie got to show at the IABCA shows just under 6 months old. She came home with a couple of groups 1's and a couple groups 2 and a group 3 and a reserve Best Puppy in Show!

DOB 5-20-18
bred by Shenandoah Ellis Ulmer and Karen Martin
Karen and Bernie Martin

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