"How to tape natural ears"

I have people contact me on a regular basis asking about taping their puppies natural ears. There are ears that are thin and lightweight that would stand very easily if cropped. Then you have ears that are thick and heavy and would be a flopped crop for sure. If they are to heavy, to big or to low then you get a houndy look. Size is not as important as the set of the ear. You want high set with the break being at the top of the skull. A heavier ear will lay better than a light ear will and may not need taping at all. Length is not as important at this point as all puppies have to grow into their ears and by the time a natural is grown they have also grown into their ears. But even the best set ears can do funky things as they are growing. I don't tape ears unless the ear is starting to stay bent when they are alert. Ears are part of what makes them so expressive. Natural ears are capable of bending in lots of ways that are normal. But it is when they alert to something that tells you if they need to be taped. All the ears below that are doing funny things are alert ears. So don't think you have to tape ears just because they are being expressive with their ears. These two pics are ears that are being expressive and will come back to alert and how they are supposed to lay.

"There are many ways to tape the ears. But basically what you are trying to do is to keep the top ridge of the ear from bending backwards and making a crook there. Sort of like a greyhound ear. I don't think the tape going all the way around the head is necessary but it may stay a bit longer. Usually if I do tape a puppy it is during the teething period and only for a couple weeks. The tape needs to be on the underside of the ear and the top side of the ear and underneath the chin they stick together. It has to be snug enough so the ear cannot fly backwards and bend but not so tight that it curls the ear under the chin. I just leave it taped till the tape fall off. Then may redo if it is necessary."

Above is how natural ears look when they are taped.

Below are pictures of some ears that should have been taped or should be taped while they are puppies

Below are ears that have ended up perfectly how they were supposed to end up!

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