Cruiser taking BOB under Mr Tracy.

Cruiser finishing under Carolyn Herbel.

Cruiser taking WD BOW under Pan Winter.

Cruiser taking WD BOW under Mr Pinsker.

Cruiser taking WD BOW under Sharon Zaker.

Cruiser taking WD BOW under Richard Beauchamp.

Cruiser at 8 months old.

Ch Jaya N Danemark High Time

Diplomatic's Umberto Di Visconti X Am Int Ch Diamond Danes Jaya Morning Star


Cruiser is our newest champion and finished at just over 1 year of age. He finished under Caroly Herbel in tough California competition. He was handled by Kim Cross of Aldawn Great Danes.

Hank Williams WB BOW BP 1pt
Steve Sereine RWD
Richard Beauchamp WD BOW 1pt
Patti Neale WD BOW 2pt
Sharon Zaker WD BOW 1pt
Walter Pinsker WD BOW 1pt
Todie Clark RWD
Pam Winter WD BOW BP 4pt
Linda Tonnancour WD BOW 2pt
Carolyn Herbel WD 3pt to finish!!

CERF clear
Heart clear
CHIC # 72815

DOB 2-19-08
bred by Jody Loop and Karen Martin
owned by Diane McClelland
Cruiser's picture pedigree

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