At the 2006 national we had several good things happen. First Jordi got her Rally Novice title in Lawrence on the way to the nationa. Also in Lawrence Tori and Glory got their first Rally Novice legs. Then at the national Jordi got an extra leg and Doc finished his title. Glory got her second leg and I failed Tori by going past a sign.

Then Choice and Jordi made the cut in their large futurity classes and Doc placed 3rd in the 15-18 month class.

At the national Hudson placed 3rd in the open brindle class. In the veteran bitch 8+ class we had 4 of the 9 entries in the class. Dyna and Sabre who are almost 10 and Tori and kate who are 8 1/2 years old. Sabre, Dyan and kate all made the cut and Sabre placed 3rd and kate placed 4th. Then Sabre and Dyna won the brace class for the 5th time at the national out of 6 times shown there. The other time they took 2nd. Glory made the cut in BOB till the final cut. So all in all not a bad week for us.

Halloween weekend Duncan, Diva, Gabby and Lexi competed at the International shows held at Purina Farms. It was a great weekend with lots of wins. Duncan got 4 V-1's in 4 shows. In total he won regular BOB over 7 other danes in 3 of the 4 shows and best BBE adult in 4 of 4 shows. Then went on to get 5 group 1's and 2 group 2's along with 1 BIS BBE adult and 1 reserve BIS BBE. Diva and Lexi came home with 4 V-1's and their International titles. Gabby got 4 SG-1's and was undefeated the group level in the puppy groups and BBE groups! So that made 8 group 1's for the weekend. Out of 8 times in the BIS ring she came home with 2 reserve BIS puppy wins, 2 reserve BIS BBE puppy wins and 2 more BIS wins from BBE!!

At the national in Fort Worth we hada great time. We had no futurity puppies and no class animals to show. Tori and Gabby both showed in agility and both came VERY clsoe to having legs toward their titles. Then Tori got 3rd place in the 6-8 veteran bitch class. We had 2 braces this year. Kristin showing Dyna and Sabre got 1st in the brace class and me showing Tori and Gabby got 2nd place. Than Tori also got 4th in the brood bitch class with Duncan, Gabby and Sarah behind her. Each of her get were from a different sire and you can sure see who they resemble!

Today, 9-4-04, Solo (Heidanes Diamond Solitaire earned his 3rd leg to his Novice obedience title giving him a CD!! Good going Solo and Betty! One week ago Solo also took a BOB and a group 4.

The weekend of August 21 in Atlanta Georgia, Duncan finished his Championship under Jean Fournier with a 5 point major going WD BOW! So he finished in 2 weekends and with 4 major wins!! He is champion number 4 for his mother Tori and champion number 32 for Diamond Danes.

On July 22nd Duncan (Diamond Danes Full Moon Rising)came back to live with us. So I decided to get him entered in shows ASAP as I felt he was ready to win. So in Topeka Kansas on Aaugust 12th Duncan got WD BOW under Karen McFarlane for 2 points. The next day he again went WD BOW for a major under Donald Gill. The next day a repeat performance with WD BOW again for another major under Nelson Huber. Then the 4th day another repeat performance with WD BOW again for another major under Jon Cole. To make that weekend even nicer, Mya (Diamond Danes On My Honor) took WB on the first day for 2 points and then again on the 4th day for her second major. So now she just needs 3 sinlges tpo finish.

On 4th of July weekend Gabby finished her American Championship just before her first birthday! Thank you to all those who have supported us ringside. Gabby makes champion number 3 for her mother Tori. She is now getting ready to compete in agility.

On 6-19-04 Glory and Gabby was entered at the International shows at Purina. We had a great weekend! Glory went BOB 2 of the 3 days, got 3 V-1 ratings and got a group 2 under Jack Ireland and then in the 3rd show she got 2 group 1's. One was in the regular adult group and 1 in the BBE group.
Then Gabby did extremely well! She got BOB puppy all 3 shows with SG-1's. The first show she went group 1 puppy and Reserve BIS puppy. Then group 1 and BIS BBE puppy all under John Rowton. At show 2 she got a group 2 puppy and BIS BBE puppy under Jack Ireland. In show 3 she got BEST IN SHOW BBE puppy and BEST IN SHOW puppy under Steve Keating!! What a weekend!

In Decatur (4-04)Illinois Gabby got WB for another 2 points and Glory went BOB and group 3 under Chuck Trotter.

(4-04)Glory has out done herself at the Kansas City specialty!! She went BOB under Vince Mulligan. She is now a BISS!!

4-1 and 4-2-04 we were in Yorkville Ill and the first day Kaylee and Gabby went to a fun match for experience. Gabby got a group 4 in the puppy group and Kaylee got a BEST In Match!! Not bad for her first outing. The next day Gabby went WB for 2 points under Theasa Hundt giving her a total of 9 points now

In Louisville Gabby got RWB to a major under Pat Hastings and then that night at the specialty under Nancy Simmons she got another major RWB! Two in one day.

March we went to Columbia Mo and Stryka got WD for another point and Gabby got WB BOW for another point and Glory got BOB. It was a great day for sure!!

January 28th and 29th of 2004 Tori was at Wentzville Mo for agility trials. She earned a double Q on the first day and earned her NAJP with scores of 100 on each placing 1st and 2nd in her class. On Sunday she got another Q in Standard and earned her NAP title with anotehr score of 100 and placing 2nd again.

January 27th of 2004 we were at Bellevile Mo for GDCGST and Diva and Gabby both won their sweeps class. On Sunday under Les Mapes Diva and Mya won their class and got considered for winners.

January 31 of 2004 Gabby was at St. Joseph Mo for 1 show and she got WB BOW for a 1 point under . That makes a total of 5 points with 1 major now.

January 24 of 2004 Gabby was at Wentzville Mo for show and on the first day she got WB BOW for a 3 point major for her first points under Jim Briley. It was only 1 point in bitches and 3 in dogs. The next day she also got WB BOW for a single point under Robert Vandiver.

January 6th of 2004 Tori was in St. Paul Minnesota and earned 2 legs on her NAJP title placing 1st and 2nd in her class with two scores of 100 and well under time. She also got her first leg on her NAP title with a second place and score of 100.

January 17 of 2004 was Gabby's first time in the AKC show ring. She came home with a RWB under AJ Wanner. That night at a fun match she got BOB puppy with 5 dane puppies and went on to a group 1!

In January of 2004 we will be receiving our first imported puppy! He is coming the the Yacanto kennel in New Zealand. He should be quite an asset to our breeding program. In April this year we should also be getting a bitch from the same kennel. Between the two puppies they should really accentuate some very positive things for us. We are very excited.

Well, 2003 ended up a pretty good year. We finished 5 new champions for the year and I had a couple of firsts for myself. The beginning of November in Tulsa Ok Schooner and I took our first Best In Show together!! It was quite exciting! He finished out the year as number 1 Toller in breed and group points both and this was in 6 months of showing.

We have another new Champion for Diamond Danes on July 29, 2003 !! Number 5 for this year! Ch Diamond Danes Victorian Lace. AKA Sarah. She finished in Waukesha with a 3 point major from the BBE class. She was breeder/owner handled for her first and last points and Nicole put the rest of the points on her.

July 6, 2003 Glory's first weekend out as a "special" was successful!! She went BOB under Karen Ashe for her first BOB!! It was also great because my husband Bernie was showing her as I was home delivering puppies!!

Diamond Danes had just added 2 more champions for 2003!! On May 31st 2003 Ch Heidanes Diamond Solitaire finished his championship by going BOB over 6 specials to finish!! Then on June 1st Ch Diamond Danes Stars N Stripes finished her championship with her 3rd back to back major. Dyna also went BOB from the veterans class and got pulled in the group. So it was a great weekend even though I fell in the ring and sprained my ankle and ended up in the hospital! VBG


This last weekend June 20 and 21st 2003 were the International shows at Purina. We had a great weekend and came home with 2 new International champions and 1 national puppy champion. Glory got 1 BOB with a group 2 and 3 BOB BBE and 3 group 1's. Stryka got 2 BOB puppy with a group 2 and a group 3. To top that off I took a regular BEST IN SHOW with a Nova Scotia Duck Toller!! It was my first ever Best in show. So it was quite a weekend!


This last week in December 2002 we finished 2 champions in one week!! Mason, Diamond Danes American Patriot finished on Sunday December 8th in Belleville under Lee Canalizo. Then on Friday December 13th we finished Kate, Diamond Danes Wins W Honor under Alan Brown of Canada in Cleveland Oh.

CH Equus Diamonds are Forever CGC aka "Conner" has won a specailty in california under Hazel Gregory from the veterans class!! He is 8 years old, natural eared and owner handled!!


AmCanInt Ch Diamonds Candion Style CD CGC ROM has just become a ROM producer by producing 15 champions!! He is the second dog we have bred that has reached ROM producer. We are very proud of our babies accomplishments in and out of the ring!!

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